by the Jack Writers’ Workshop

Friendship, motherhood, national identity and unemployment all came under the spotlight in seven new and original short plays, that offer heart warming, thought-provoking and humorous responses to their chosen themes.

All playwrights have taken part in our writers’ workshop, led by Literary Manager David Bottomley, to create these pieces for the Jack’s stage.

Big Boy by Nathan Foad
directed by Kate Bannister
Hate Crime by Susie Engelfield
directed by Nick Myles
Isabelle by Debra Baker
directed by Roberta Zuric
Over Land and Sea by Mark Gray
directed by John-Paul Conway
Selling the Family Silver by Matthew Partridge
directed by Zoe Thomas-Webb
Arson by Roxanna Donald
directed by Phoebe Hitt
Skiver by Gerald Moynihan
directed by Dilek Latif