by Leo Tolstoy
adapted by Helen Edmundson

produced by Arrows & Traps Theatre Company
directed by Ross McGregor

Press for this production

This has to be one of the best productions the company has ever done as it catches the very spirit of the novel in this highly theatrical production… An excellent production that should not be missed. UK TheatreNetwork

A beautiful story, beautifully played out… If you like your Russian literature strong, sexy and very relevant to today, this is the show for you. It will leave you exhausted through the emotional journey but thoroughly worth it!★★★★★  LondonTheatre1

Arrows & Traps have created a fantastic show and Anna Karenina is unique in its interpretation and well worth seeing. ★★★★ West End Wilma

fresh, re-telling of a wonderful classic, it’s utterly compelling and draws you in for a night of excellent theatre, so get yourselves down to the Brockley Jack. The Bardette

Ross McGregor’s production reaches a fluidity and beauty that is rare for the fringe, indeed for many a larger theatre too…the work shimmers with playful invention that strikes at the heart of the story being told…Sensual and striking, this is a cracking production of Anna Karenina and a beautiful piece of theatre. There Ought to be Clowns

a gripping, visually appealing and a well-acted adaptation that is well worth seeing ★★★★ Everything Theatre

Tolstoy himself would be impressed London Pub Theatres ★★★★

NOMINATED for TWO Off West End Awards, for Best Costume (Ross Mcgregor) and Best Choreography (Will Pinchin).