Jack Writers Workshop

Four diverse one-person shows from the factory floor to flights of fancy.

Jumping Over Mountains written and performed by Megan Pearson

Ski jumping fuels Jess with adrenalin, pride and at times, nerves. But now she must make a heart-wrenching decision that will impact her dreams of going for gold.

Outbreak at the Library written and performed by Kaye Conway

Kaye’s morning hasn’t started well: she’s hung over, on her final warning and late again for her job at the library. Her day lurches from bad to worse, threatening the silent sanctuary of the library… as well as her life.

Confessions of an Aid Worker written and performed by Jean Gilardi

Somalia, 1993, at the height of the civil war. Laugh or cry along with our intrepid health worker in her first overseas job as she faces her deepest fears.

Sausage Factory written and performed by Rachel Goth

Eight weeks of summer, zero cash and a university place waiting. All that stands between Rachel and her future is a few thousand sausages.


In October the Jack Writers Workshop launched a new course to encourage writers to mine their own lives and experiences for material as the basis to create a one person show, putting themselves centre stage as the performers.

The Jack Writers Workshop is lead by Literary Manager and playwright, David Bottomley.