by Ben Jonson

presented by Scena Mundi Theatre Company
directed by Cecilia Dorland

Ben Jonson’s exuberant satire of human greed is a feast of language and a triumphant ode to the art of acting and the misguided lure of riches. Will your sympathies lie with the deceiver – or will they lie with the parasite? Watch treachery rewarded, before poetic justice engulfs both knaves and dupes.

Press for this production

Pip Brignall’s simpering, scheming servant Mosca, a brilliant comic turn full of flashing Flash Harry eyes and an unerring focus on the mainchance. It’s quite a turn and well worth the ticket price on its own…. This is fringe theatre at its best,  done to professional standards in an intimate space that reveals every little nuance of the acting. Broadway World

as relevant now as it was when first performed… Scena Mundi’s Volpone is great fun and clearly performed by a cast enjoying themselves as much as I did. ★★★★  Stage Review

This production certainly does Ben Jonson’s unpredictable and witty script justice, and serves as a reminder that fighting fire with fire has tumultuously fiery consequences… We applauded a job well done ★★★★ LondonTheatre1