Fighting by Tom Green

Two soldiers flee from an ambush in the middle of the night. They think it’s just a military exercise but the arrival of a wounded colleague suggests that the fighting is for real. So who is behind it? And are they out there still, hunting them down?

Fighting is a provocative drama that compels us to question what we can rely on and, when the ultimate price has been paid, whose account of the truth we should believe.

Will we fight back?  Without any weapons. What are we going to do? Throw stones? Call them names?

Fighting was produced as part of Write Now 1, and directed by Kate Bannister.


Writing for theatre includes Being Tommy Cooper (Old Red Lion & UK Tour – Nominated for 4 Off West End Awards, including Best New Play and Best Production, directed by Cecily Boys); Talking in Bed  (Theatre 503, directed by Cecily Boys);  Fighting (Brockley Jack, directed by Kate Bannister); The Death of Margaret Thatcher  (Courtyard Theatre, directed by June Abbott); Katherine (Finborough, directed by Keith Washington).

Radio: For Ever England – Afternoon Play for BBC Radio 4, with Gerard Horan, Tracie Bennett, Claire Harry, Alison Pettitt and Carl Rice. Directed by Toby Swift.  The Tent  – Afternoon Play for BBC Radio 4, with Sian Reeves, Jeremy Swift, Joanna Scanlan and Janice Acquah. Directed by Toby Swift.

Television:  Winner of Little Brother’s Big Opportunity – script development competition.

Extract of the play

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