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Press for this production

It’s a fun production…Co-directors Amy Gunn and James Tobias have taken the best elements of a lengthy story, edited it into a pacy two-hour performance, and brought in a captivating, if stormy, rom-com  Stage Review

There is comedy, drunkenness and action with never a dull moment… The directors have demonstrated Shakespeare at his winsome and accessible best… there is much to admire in this production. Shakespeare’s intoxicating poetry and prose is presented intelligibly and the playful 60s vibe is a lot of fun. It’s a unique nod to the Bard The Upcoming

A splendid romp…This company is unafraid of Shakespeare’s more difficult plays…they should be applauded. Petruchio’s and Katherine’s verbal jousting is beautifully delivered by Ms Parry and Mr Clifford. Broadway World