rock paper scissors by Olga Braga

by Olga Braga
Write Now Winner

directed by Kate Bannister

Roma and Mihai are brothers sharing a tiny London flat. They fight about everything. Food. Girlfriends. Drinking. Parents. The only thing they don’t fight about is that neither wants to be known as a Romanian gypsy. rock paper scissors explores kinship and identity, and asks when do we stop being children and when do we stop playing games.

 “Parents shouldn’t play favourites.”

Press for this production

Olga wrote this script to absolute perfection. Not only did the narrative flow easily, but the characters were introduced in depth, allowing the audience to build a connection with them from the very beginning. The storyline itself is very realistic, incorporating a range of themes and issues within each of the character’s lives. With such simplistic conversation, the whole time you feel as though you are a fly on the wall in their small living area ★★★★ Remotegoat

Braga has a talent to inject fire and emotion into every line that engages the audience tirelessly holding their attention until the very last. 90 minutes straight through, and not once did it falter ★★★★ The Upcoming

“Rock Paper Scissors” is writer Olga Braga’s first full length play and is a worthy winner of ‘Write Now 6’. The text flows beautifully and really paints a wonderful word picture of the four characters… Kate Bannister’s direction is first rate and makes fantastic use of the space and her actors…At around 90 minutes with no interval it is an intense and emotional play ★★★★ LondonTheatre1


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