I’ll Be Seeing You

by Natasha Berger

Jonah escapes his bleak midwestern town and the oppressive memory of his sister, who went missing when he was sixteen. Years later, in Las Vegas, he sees her again. Or does he?

I run into her at the bank, the florist, the car wash. She’s even in the box office at the cinema. I swear I look at her more than when she was alive.

I’ll Be Seeing You was produced as part of Write Now 7 and directed by Kate Bannister.


Natasha Berger started as an arts journalist before moving into writing and directing drama, continuing her keen interest in images and their implications. An adopted Londoner, she studied at the Screen Arts Institute and has taught film writing to young people through the BFI Film Academy and in bespoke workshops.

Her debut film screened at festivals in the UK, US and Canada and her script was recently shortlisted for funding by Film London’s London Calling scheme.

She is currently working on a play about money, earthquakes and Silicon Valley and hopes to finish her second film this year.

Extract of the play

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