by Luigi Pirandello
adapted by Howard Colyer

presented by Ballast Theatre
directed by Roberta Zuric

Press for this production

It is a treat to see Pirandello’s work reimagined and back on stage. Colyer’s adaptation gives audiences a night of passionate theatre and some big questions to think about. Gay Star News

It’s not often a play gets under my skin like this but when it does that is usually a really positive sign of a good show. ★★★★ LondonTheatre1

It is a bitesize philosophy lecture… delivered with confidence and competence. A Younger Theatre

A thought-provoking play about identity, guilt and betrayal.  UK Theatre Network

The intimate theatre space makes the audience feel like an extension of the play. With the actors so close, their unravelling turmoil is amplified. As voyeurs of a young woman’s struggle, the audience must consider how our society is still so quick to partake in scandal and tabloid gossip, without taking into account the real people who are affected by all of it. ★★★★ The Upcoming