No Rhyme

by Melanie Pennant

Nushka’s planning revenge, Pepper’s plan backfires and Jayde is nowhere to be seen. Katya hates her job, Lizzie can’t leave hers and a young girl hovers between life and death.

Enter a world where a disrespect can mean more than a life, where being different makes you the target. No Rhyme is a raw new play about youth on youth crime and the struggle to find answers. It’s New Year’s Eve. When tragedy strikes who will walk away?

I wanna be little again…just us three playing on the estate and knocking on doors and running away…member. And picking up pennies and buying sweets and not even knowing about nothing else.

No Rhyme was part of Write Now 4, and was directed by Kate Bannister.


Melanie Pennant recently completed an MA in screenwriting at the London College of Communication. In 2011 she won the International Student Film Organisation competition with her screenplay Hit and Run.

No Rhyme was Melanie’s debut play.

Extract of the play

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