by Nikolai Gogol
adapted by Howard Colyer

presented by Ballast Theatre
directed by Scott Le Crass

Press for this production

Howard Coyler’s adaptation, now at Brockley’s intimate, and impressively prolific Jack Studio Theatre, nicely maintains Gogol’s flair for the absurd…Scott Le Crass directs a tight production that speeds along with a hint of Russian panache (with Sunny Jeon’s notable costumes and stage design) and a touch of English hilarity…It’s worth a trip  The Londonist

a fantastic cast, a solid script, and well directed… Howard Colyer’s adaptation is admirably compact and full of witty and elegant dialogue… most surprising thing I came away with was how current the play is for audiences 170 years on. Everything Theatre

The production is swiftly directed by Scott Le Crass and benefits from an experienced cast, Howard Colyer’s concise and witty writing, and an imaginative set by Sunny Jeon who uses a wavy mirror and furniture that is askew to reflect the manic world of the play. An entertaining evening out! UK Theatre Network

Colyer’s text has a contemporary ring to it; some may say he has taken liberties with the text and maybe they are right, but it was Gogol who said, “The longer and more carefully we look at a funny story, the sadder it becomes” and Colyer has put that very spirit into Marriage. British Theatre Guide