a new play by Tim Cook

produced by Broken Silence Theatre

What does it say about the state of our relationship. If one small thing comes along.
And destroys it forever?

Newlyweds Adam & Eve are moving to the countryside, leaving the city behind for good. They’re going to buy a house, start a family and live happily ever after. But when Adam is suspended from work and accusations are made, they’re forced to question how well they really know each other.

What lurks beneath the surface? And how can their marriage survive in a post-truth society? Adam & Eve is a startling new play about trust and the nature of accusations from award-winning Royal Court Young Writer Tim Cook.

Press for this production

Uncomfortable but thrilling, in an era of relative truth and ‘alternative facts’, this thought-provoking production is utterly phenomenal. ★★★★★ London Theatre1

Fantastically written and performed, the play hits you in the guts, making you question your own judgement and gullibility. Brilliant, just brilliant. Adam & Eve MUST get a longer run – people need to see this play. ★★★★★  Fairypowered Productions 

A fantastic and relatable piece of new writing, perfectly portrayed with intriguing and frustratingly good performances. ★★★★ Everything Theatre

Tim Cook has created a witty and un-moralising Genesis for our times. Consuming from the tree of knowledge has never been so easy and never has it been so easy to fall for the tricks of those who wish to manipulate our opinions. British Theatre Guide

The play is a brilliant insight into the complexities of a relationship addled with doubt and accusation. ★★★★★The Spy in the Stalls